Comments from previous participants:

"I liked how the course not only brought us to different cities/countries in Europe, but how it also shed light on the different perspectives of the EU in those different countries. It was eye-opening to learn first hand that not all member states of the EU share similar sentiments of the Union, even among neighbouring countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. Overall I enjoyed my summer school experience with MISU and much of it is thanks to the prompt and organised services & activities provided by the course organisers. Thank you"

"The extra curriculum and sightseeing activities were fun, enjoyable and enriching. The course has allowed me the opportunity to gain a greater insight, and experience first hand 18 von 20 the countries' cultures, history, people and their way of life. The lessons though rather content heavy has allowed me to understand much more about the EU in general as well. Thank you so much for being a part of our short stay in Europe! :)"

"Learning through first-hand experience in the three different country has been a rather educative measure for us to personally understand the context of the program. I greatly appreciate the trips and study tours arranged too."

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