European Studies Programme: Munich-Prague-Vienna


We appreciate your interest in attending in our summer academy designed by the Ludwig - Maximilians - University Munich.  Unfortunately, we need to inform you that the 2021 EU Studies partner program cannot take place as planned by reason of covid19 pandemic.

We regret the situation and we ask for your understanding and hope to see you 2022.

In case of interest  on short term studies we like to draw you attention to our remote EU studies courses at LMU.

Summer School 2022

Course: June 3 - June 26, 20202
Arrival: June 2, 2022
Departure: June 28, 2022

'An ever closer Union? The European Union in crisis'

  • The programme is open for students from all faculties.
  • Application is based on a first come first served basis. No selection by GPA.

As a result of participating in this summer programme, which is part of the MISU - Munich International Summer University, students will...

  • develop a deep understanding of European history, European politics and current crises
  • receive 6 ECTS (4 MC) credits for their performance in class
  • strengthen their soft skills and rhetoric
  • visit three different European countries and immerse into their culture
  • benefit of an interdisciplinary learning environment

Advance your career and widen your network !

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